28 de diciembre de 2014

Gleb Goloubetski - Premiado

Gleb Goloubetski - Premiado

Galería de Arte Cristina Faleroni, distingue al artista Gleb Goloubetski con su máximo galardón por su trayectoria en las Bellas Artes.

Mes de Diciembre de 2014 - Argentina.

Gleb Goloubetski was born in 1975 in Omsk, Russia, a Siberian town. His father, who died when Gleb was six, was a merited artist of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather was an architect. His mother currently owns a gallery in Omsk.
Gleb's talent was discovered during his early childhood and he began selling his work at the age of 15. He studied at an art academy in St Petersburg, and from 1989 to 1995 continued as a student in the master class of Valerij Kullkov.
Gleb spends weeks at a time in Greece, Italy, Egypt, Thailand, Maledives, and Brazil painting interesting houses, flowers, interiors, and the contrast of light and dark.
Goloubetski shows his work in Prague, where he currently lives, as well as Germany and London. His paintings are also kept in private collections in many countries around the world.

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