7 de enero de 2015

Isabel Miramontes . Premio.

Isabel Miramontes - Premio

Galería de Arte Cristina Faleroni, distingue al artista Isabel Miramontes con su máximo galardón por su trayectoria en las Bellas Artes.

Mes de Enero de 2015 - Argentina.

Isabel Miramontes was born in 1962 in Santiago de Compostella, Spain but was brought up in Belgium, Brussels. There she did her studies, obtaining a teaching diploma in Fine Arts at the Institut Sainte Marie. She continued her training from 1988 at the Fine Arts Academy of Saint-Gilles, In Patrick Pouillart’s studio, where she acquired a solid experience of drawing and sketching from live models. Miramontes also followed the courses of the art historian Gastón Fernandez, who noted her artistic, rigorous yet generous reflection that in enlightened by an expansive open-mindedness.

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