25 de enero de 2015

JEREMY LIPKING - Galardonado

Galería de Arte Cristina Faleroni, distingue al artista Jeremy Lipking con su máximo galardón por su trayectoria en las Bellas Artes.

Mes de Enero de 2015 - Argentina.

Jeremy Lipking b. 1975.
In a remarkably short period of time, Jeremy Lipking has emerged as one of the country's premier realist artists. His talent, which rivals that of the late nineteenth century painterly realists such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn, is outstanding for a painter of any age. It is all the more remarkable since he is only thirty years old. Like these great painters of the past, Lipking is a virtuoso artist. His canvases convey the magical aura of convincing imagery emerging out of a field of paint.

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