5 de noviembre de 2014


Galería de Arte Cristina Faleroni, distingue a la artista Susan Crouch con su máximo galardón por su trayectoria en las Bellas Artes. Premio Cristina Faleroni.

Mes de Noviembre de 2014 - Argentina.

"I am a signature member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina and have been published in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision and Splash 14: Light and Color (North Light Books). I’ve had the opportunity to study with outstanding nationally known artists such as Cheng-Khee Chee, Frederick Graff, and Joseph Fettingis. In addition to displaying at art festivals throughout the Southeast and teaching workshops, I've enjoyed doing freelance work for the DaySpring division of Hallmark. The beauty of God's Word and His glorious creation continue to be the inspiration for my watercolor paintings."
Susan Crouch.

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